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Concrete Sawing & Drilling

Fast Cut utilizes the wide array of concrete sawing and drilling technology available. We are able to cut a range of materials from concrete and asphalt, to steel beams and HDPE pipes. At Fast Cut, we offer a reliable concrete cutting and drilling service to Brisbane and South East Queensland.


All crew are Silica Aware & Compliant 


Latest diamond tool technology


No hole too big, no trench too deep, no concrete too thick

Flat Saws

Flat Saws enable us to cut precise and accurate cuts to depths that handheld machinery cannot. Our Flat Saws are suitable for situations such as roadworks, trenching, general demolition or cutting expansion joints. They are only limited by access. We have options of petrol, diesel/low emissions diesel, and 3-phase electric flat sawing options to suit a variety of applications.

Hand Sawing

At Fast Cut we use a range of handheld power cutters. From traditional petrol quick cut saws, to Hydraulic saws and the latest technology, High Frequency electric saws. These give us the option to choose the most suitable saw based on your project’s requirements. 

Core Drilling

Using the latest core drilling equipment, we can drill clean and precise holes. With a variety of drilling equipment available, we can work with you to provide core drilling to any depth and of any diameter. We can provide our core drilling services on small-scale residential projects to large-scale civil infrastructure projects. We can drill horizontally, vertically, upside down, inside out and under water. We can custom make core drilling barrels to suit any size or depth required, and can drill in a variety of materials.  

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