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Demolition & Deconstruction

Using robotic demolition, hydraulic bursting, or electric excavation, we can remove concrete walls or floors in a controlled manner. Our demolition and deconstruction services cater to residential, commercial, industrial, and civil projects.
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Electric Excavation

At Fast Cut, we have a range of electric, 3-phase excavation equipment to provide concrete demolition in areas that normal machinery might not be able to operate. These machines offer no fumes and they’re quieter than typical machines. Electric excavation saves on labour costs and is a safe method, as it eliminates a lot of manual handling. This service is suitable for digging trenches, concrete removal, and the lifting of objects.

Robotic Demolition Robot (DXR)

Robotic demolition is incredibly effective for the demolition of concrete, whether in a confined interior space, or on a large-scale construction project. We’re equipped with a robotic DXR, which offers precise positioning, as well as the flexibility needed to get into complex positions. The machine is small enough to fit through doors, but powerful enough for tough jobs. These DXRs release no fumes, operate quietly, and can be used inside. They’re remote controlled as well, so the operator is away from any safety hazards.

Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic bursting is an effective method for controlled demolition. Bursting is good for projects where it’s important for the concrete removal to be controlled, relatively quiet, and dust-free. Hydraulic bursting can deconstruct pillars, foundations, plinths, concrete walls, and large masses of concrete. It’s typically used for buildings or structures that are still active such as hospitals, factories, offices, or hotels. Bursting suits these applications as it doesn’t shatter concrete, we apply continued pressure to the concrete so it breaks into small pieces, making it easier to remove.

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing can be used to cut most solid materials such as concrete, steel, and aluminium. Using a wire saw with pulleys, guides and good planning, can be really effective for deconstruction. From underwater bridge pylons to suspended concrete beams on high rise buildings, and even deconstructing sunken ships — wire sawing is incredibly effective.
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