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We’ve been lucky to work on a full range of projects across civil, commercial, and industrial construction. From some of Queensland’s biggest infrastructure projects to some of the smallest residential jobs, we’ve tackled each project with the highest level of professionalism.

Brisbane International Terminal

Brisbane International Airport engaged us to complete core drilling and concrete cutting to assist with the new works on their international terminal and taxiway. This project served as a nice warm-up for the next jobs we’d complete for Brisbane Airport.

Key Details:

  • 2,166 core holes
  • 36,391 meters of 10mm control joint cut, widened, chamfered and sealed
  • 3 custom-built saws allowed cutting around the clock
  • Numerous tie-ins to existing taxiway as well as associated works within the terminal

QUT Gardens Point Radiation Wall

We were lucky to take part in the demolition of QUT’s Radiation Wall. The wall was far too dense and hard to crush. QUT’s engineers tested the concrete wall, which was based on their Gardens Point campus in the city. The concrete was over 100MPA on a Schmidt meter — the highest it could read. They sent away a core sample of the wall for testing, which when returned had a 120MPA reading. It turned out it was a radiation wall used to protect researchers using radioactive materials. We had to take a unique approach to this project.

Key Details:

  • 8m x 3m concrete wall at 400mm thick
  • Used core drilling and wire sawing
  • Combination of Eurodemia and Husqvarna wire saw
  • Wall cut into 16 blocks weighing 950kgs each
  • Removed without machinery
  • No heavy machinery due to being a suspended slab
  • 900mm wide doorway was the only access to the room, hence cutting out this wall
  • Total of 15.2 tonnes of concrete removed and recycled

Brisbane Airport New Parallel Runway

Our Fast Cut team was engaged by Brisbane Airport to provide demolition and concrete cutting services for their new parallel runway. The project ran for roughly 10 months.

Key Details:

  • Cutting of control joints between four and 18 hours after concrete was poured
  • 500mm thick concrete, 170mm deep control joint, in a single pass with a 3mm tolerance
  • 125,255 meters of 10mm wide control joints cut, widened, chamfered and sealed
  • 5,697 core holes drilled
  • 25,200 meters of concrete asphalt interface joint in 2 weeks
  • Over 550 tonnes of concrete cut and drilled for demolition works

Amberley Air Force Base

We were fortunate to complete two concrete hangars for Amberley’s Air Force Base. We completed the hangars to accommodate their new C17 cargo planes and the Battlefield Air Lifters.

Key Details:

  • Working in high security area
  • 61,174 meters of 10mm joints cut, widened, chamfered and sealed
  • 2,067 core holes drilled

123 Eagle Street

123 Eagle Street was a highly challenging, but highly rewarding project. It was clear from the beginning that this was no ordinary project and would be a month in the planning and nearly half a year to complete. We were contacted by 123 Eagle Street’s management to remove over 70 per cent of suspended floor slab, as they wanted to allow for a two-story panoramic space.


  • Multiple existing structural concrete beams
  • Columns
  • Core-filled block walls
  • Structural window support beams
  • No noise or vibration during office hours
  • Little to no slurry

Key Details:

  • Best option was to crush the bulk material with our Remote Three Phase Electric Robot
  • 1500 long cores in tolerances of no more than 5mm over that distances
  • Large spans of floor were supported and diced into management sections
  • Sosom beams were over 400mm thick
  • On average, 5-15 tonnes of concrete rubble was removed in a shift

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