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Joint Sealing & Expansion

When placing any concrete, it’s important you allow for expansion joints to be cut as soon as required. This will control the cracks and help the concrete, both visually and structurally.

We have a range of quality early entry saws, as well as custom made expansion joint saws. This allows us to provide joint cutting to any depth. Our equipment coupled with our joint sealing ability gives you an all-in-one solution for your next job.

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Latest diamond tool technology
No hole too big, no trench too deep, no concrete too thick

Early Entry Cuts

To allow for the concrete’s expanding and contracting, we’ll use early entry saws to make early entry cuts into the concrete. Early entry cutting is useful for small-scale residential jobs such as concrete flooring or tiling, as well as large-scale major roadworks.

Joint Sealing

Joint sealing is then used to protect the expansion joints that have been cut into the concrete or road. This prevents water or chemicals from entering any cracks, which can cause severe issues. Joint sealing is vital to waterproof your concrete slabs. Engaging a concrete cutter to cut and seal any joints saves on labour on your project in the long-run.

Expansion Joints

All concrete will eventually crack. However, by finding the correct time to cut your expansion or control joints, you can induce and then control the cracking of the concrete in specific points. We’re highly experienced in cutting, widening, and chamfering expansion joints.

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