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GPR Scanning

Before you start drilling or cutting into concrete, it’s really important you have a GPR scan completed. GPR scanning, or concrete scanning, is the cost-effective way to find out what’s in a concrete slab, before you start work.


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GPR Scanning is an Investment

GPR scanning is an investment for your worksite. It’s a safe, reliable way to inspect an area before you start work. The inspection prevents downtime, costly structural damage, and potential injuries to your staff or contractors. GPR scanning is the cost-effective way to prevent mishaps on-site.

Before we drill, we can complete a GPR scan to try and find the safe drill and core locations beneath the surface as well as the exit point. GPR scanning can also be used to locate deterioration or voids and the extent of their damage underneath the concrete.


The Latest Technology

At Fast Cut, we’re equipped with the latest GPR scanning technology. Our GPR scanners allow us to map and identify underground features and objects — without damaging them or the concrete.


Work Confidently

Mapping these features, like tension cables, conduits and pipes, and electrical cabling, gives you the tools you need to complete your job confidently, without the concern of damaging an underground structure.

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To ensure maximum safety for your team, you should have a GPR scan completed before digging, drilling, or cutting into concrete. Our GPR scanning is an excellent precaution to take before you start work.

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